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Look with a revisited Danton coach jacket and a GANT relaxed fit sweater


Every week is an opportunity to post new looks here and on Instagram. While I do my best to keep offering you inspiration that doesn’t taste reheated, I never force it. Except for special editorials, I never dress up “to post,” that would be a bit ridiculous. Nevertheless, sometimes I challenge myself a little or the opposite, a flash of inspiration comes to me. “Oh boy, I never thought of that”… And that’s the case with this outfit. I wanted to wear this sweater, but I had not had the click until this morning of March.

I’ve been wearing Gant since I’ve known Jordan, which is 10 years. We were still students / alternating and he had a plan for the VP of the brand. That’s how I acquired some really good pieces at a lower price.

And this is also what made me discover this American brand, which we don’t hear much about, rarely relayed as it should be.

However, there are some crazy pieces, and this every season. You may have seen this retina-shattering wool jacket recently.

But today, this sweatshirt, as the old-timers say, is really a find.

We are far from a preppy

aestheticOf course, it’s clearly preppy / ivy league style, but I wouldn’t have imagined the brand to propose a relaxedfit like this one. Indeed, the piece has volume, is long, with a shoulder that breaks beautifully. It’s an instant favorite. Tell you moreover that I who size-up

almost everything, I wear it in M!

The second blade of this organized surprise is the pattern.

It’s more fun than a print thoughFrom

a distance, you might think it’s a cool, ethnic-inspired print but it’s more than that. In fact, everything is embroidered and embossed, which gives another weight (in every sense of the word) to the pattern. In addition, the colors chosen are harmonious and stand out well on the ecru jersey.

It’s still nice to have such a comfortable fit without size-up (the good sizes, you know where to look!

) In short, you got it, a big kiff


With this sweatshirt, I have a really unique piece that instantly brings some cachet to a spring outfit.

The ersatz Danton nylon jacket coach for wind and drizzle

Except that we are still in winter and that the days are treacherous, a sun from your window often hides a small chilly wind and / or a light rain.

And in this outfit, I didn’t want to add a too techwear

piece so no more Goretex rain jackets.

While I was racking my brain, I remembered one of my favorite jackets of the in-between seasons: my Danton coach jacket.

The coach jacket, the ideal kind of jacket for spring.

If I forget it, it’s because it’s so thin, that I often lose it in a layering of

jackets on hangers. It’s an art to organize your closet. I presented it here, mounted in a nylon taffeta fabric, it is light and resists to small light rains. Basically ideal for my city use in spring.

Then the small stroke of luck is that its color harmonizes with the

one of the embroidery of the pattern. Here again, we are on micro detail but it’s really what changes the game in an outfit.

volumes are rather harmonious no, a streetwear vibe rather oldschoolIn

addition, it has an interesting volume without having needed to take a “tarp” so the silhouette of the outfit remains harmonious


Light washed jeans and black shoesSo

yes I bring this up frequently, but my teachers in school used to tell me that redundancy was the basis of education. Well, you’re not a student and I’m not an associate, so whatever.

The point is, wearing light or white faded jeans works great with black pumps. That’s just the way it is. However, that implies having a pair that isn’t a piece of crap.

Black would be less forgiving, it’s a struggle.

A pair of blue jeans with volume, cut very short, the signature style of street heritageDans

our outfit of the day, I add more white socks


Double the provocation for double the gain in style.

Little tip

, it’s easier when the white socks are gone.

Accessories with cap and necklaces (even sautoir)

Finally, an outfit without accessories or jewelry is not a finished outfit.

length of sautoir inspired by the female gender necklace Borali and silver feather First Arrow’s

In real, you do what you want. Simply that here, the addition of the braided fabric necklace in the shades of the pattern, the silver chain of US rapper on hunger strike bring a first little more. Everything blends in with the pattern, without disturbing it and it breaks the “I’m wearing an embroidery look” side.

We can see the details of the colors of the cap Noah to the threads of the embroidery through the braided necklaceFor

the cap, “in a washed burgundy”, it is the link with everything else. Without the outfit is just as nice but I don’t know, the coach jacket and baseball cap, it goes back to the origin of the thing.

Yeah, it’s self-persuasive but hey!

Revisiting a springThis

is probably the last look analysis before spring and I’ve just peeled off a… spring outfit. So, I’m selling the wick a bit but the next one will be with a wool sweater.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a different rain jacket than the one of the day, you’ve got our selection here.


Not a spelling hero, yet I write articles on bits of rag that I take pictures


I like to wear kimono but I don’t do Kendo, my style is lost between street and workwear. I’m also a basketball and C’s lover, who worships DJ Premier.

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