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Thrift store philosophy: how to become an expert in second-hand fashion


The purchase of second hand clothes has been democratized at high speed in recent years, helped by the explosion of a Vinted which has taken advantage of the various confinements. Impossible to ignore, even brands are gradually integrating it into their business model in the name of circularity. However, it is not so simple to start buying clothes already worn by others. In this article, we will talk about the mindset to adopt to become a bargain machine. And above all, to continue to have fun with your clothes, to have style, without taking the head.

Let’s see together the 5 pillars of the philosophy of the good bargain hunter to become a shopping pro on Vinted, eBay and all the thrift stores of Navarre.

Buying second hand clothes, easy? Not for everyoneMore than

ever, we are facing the disastrous consequences of decades of ultra-consumerism. And today fast fashion

and compulsive buying are seen as pariahs (although an H&M still makes as much money). And that’s how second hand buying became a trendy thing. Since I was a kid, I buy almost everything second hand (as we used to say at the time): toys, game consoles, clothes, furniture… Thanks to my parents who love flea markets and other yard sales.

However, as a kid, I was mocked by my friends, I rarely had the latest thing in fashion and I still remember the incisive punchlines like “it’s okay, the lion’s opportunities”.

I used to wear the things that are now fashionable for teenagers.

Well today, you see, I can’t thank my parents enough for teaching me all this


Buying second hand, and the evolution of our society shows it, is not a “second class” purchase. It’s only the price that is discounted and everything else quickly becomes stimulating and exciting.

And that is the starting point of the good bargain hunter’s philosophy.

In short, it is not because it is fashionable that one becomes a killer on Vinted and in thrift stores overnight.

Of course, there is no scientific writing on the subject, nobody is the bearer of the holy word of the god of the second hand. On the other hand, yours truly has been hunting and finding clothes for almost 30 years (yeah, GI Joe at the toy fair!) so I might as well share a little of that experience.

First official photo of Borasification, 100% second hand, already 8 years agoThis

is already the case since the first articles of this site (the first article published in 2014 is 100% second hand). Indeed, it is at the heart of all look analysis. Rare are the times when there is not at least one piece china.

But we’re going to take it a step further starting today.

And it starts with the approach to have, the way of thinking and approaching the second hand.

5 tips to become a “serial shopper

” on Vinted and in thrift storesTo

write this article, I talked a lot with our readers and subscribers, as well as my friends. Indeed, having a nose for it all the time doesn’t help to understand what can put you off. Understanding the differences in our respective approaches has allowed me to “map out” my logic when it comes to my work.

e launch in a research. We can summarize it in 5 main pillars, tips to accompany your first purchases of second hand clothes.

1 / Be patient: good bargain hunting takes

timePatience and self-sacrifice are universal qualities, it is true, but they are even more important when it comes to bargain hunting


And this, at 3 levels.

On the one hand, you will have to learn to master each second hand platform. Vinted, eBay and LeBonCoin each have their own subtleties. The same goes for thrift shops, second hand stores & co. You’ll learn how to do it and we’ll help you in the second hand section.

On the other hand, and this is the most important, finds will never fall from the sky. Even if you are an “expert”. Indeed, I tell you that I’ve been doing this since I was very young, but it also means hours and hours a week of rummaging through clothing bins, flipping through classified ads or scouring resale Facebook pages.

Finally, having a culture of clothing is a plus when you hunt online. Knowing the old brands, the ones that are easier to find, the models… In short, a lot of little things that will give you an advantage in your research. And that, no miracle, is still hours of reading, watching and eating fashion content.

Downtime becomes a great time to shop on Vinted & coYes,

buying cool second hand clothes is going to require a significant investment of time. Many of us spend several hours a day on it.

But those are the most passionate / relentless. If you give Vinted an hour every now and then, it will be very good.

After that, if you don’t have time to invest, you’ll always have the select stores, the more “upscale” thrift stores that do the work for you.

The price will be higher but it’s still better than a new or fast fashion


2 / Leave room for surprise: go beyond the trendSo

this second point is particularly important to me because it is the origin of my passion for second hand, and especially of my style


In fact, my most beautiful second hand catches have always come from things I wasn’t looking for and that’s where the magic happens.

At the beginning of 2000, I remember typing in the eBay search bar for brands and scrolling through the results for hours. That’s how I discovered things and developed my clothing culture.

My favorite pieces usually come from an unplanned purchase. Look at the Hatski jeans I’ve been wearing for the past 3 years. Nobody wore them or talked about them in France. I knew vaguely by following some Japanese shops. The cut was similar to the ones of the jeans I used to customize myself (future Borali jeans). Well, one day while strolling on Instagram on an account where a guy often posts stuff for sale, I see these jeans at $75 dollars, too big. You know the rest.

Opportunistic purchase that became my favorite jeans (and that of the entire Instagram community that follows us <3

)And it’s the same in thrift stores, you can walk around like you used to in an H&M and let yourself go to a crush, it doesn’t cost you anything, nor the planet, go!

Afterwards, of course, you can have in t

ête a precise piece, but beware of frustration!

Do not block on a brand or a specific model, just like a less flattering composition, let go.

shorts without brand bought a few euros that buries any new product to 20x more (look + history

)Chiner the piece of his dreams, it’s a bit like finding love, stubborn will not make cupid hit the door. Well, it’s the same with clothes. By not looking for anything in particular, it’s often there that we get our hands on something special.

(after it’s a bachelor who talks to you, it’s worth what it’s worth!)

Ah and last thing, good deals, you must also know how to ignore trends or seasons. Buy in winter for summer and vice versa. In addition, you can more easily avoid a compulsive purchase.

3 / Learn to love and deal with imperfectionsTo




style is to make a sum of imperfections harmonious. This is one of the reasons why I like to mix brands, ranges, eras and styles.

The essence of the street heritage

style in a way. And

this state of mind applies to the philosophy of the good bargain hunter


Even if second hand doesn’t always mean that the garment has lived, the more you go down in price and go back in time, the more the garment will have been used.

So we will find everything that can “mark” a garment: stain, hole, tear, missing button and what not.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

So of course, I’m not telling you to wear a white shirt with hellish stains under the armpits. On the other hand, the little stains here and there are nothing. A small tear? You can sew it up, patch a hole and replace buttons.

Basically, when you pay a few euros for your clothes in a thrift store or a fraction of its price on Vinted, let go of the ballast. Besides, you’ll often be the only one to see this little flaw. You know, many of my clothes are marked by the years and none of you notice it.

(ironing on the other hand, that!)

This 2€ shirt has a filed collar, a few stains but complements my favorite EG jacket very well… and only I see/know itWe’

ve heard a lot about wabi sabi

, a japanese approach to beauty in the imperfections of time. Here we are in the middle of it (and not the biased recovery for marketing purposes to sell brand new clothes as some brands like to do).

And loving imperfection, also implies the notion of size.

In second hand, we also do with what we find. So as long as it’s not too small, it’s never really too big. Well, I’m preaching for my size-up parish but the idea is there.

Shirt at 2€, a red one, much (too) washed, too big and well, I love to wear it with rolled up sleeves and wide shorts.

Don’t deprive yourself of a shirt you like because the shoulder or the sleeve length doesn’t fall exactly right. Dressing well is not a matter of an inch.

In addition, by applying all this to your vintage or second hand purchases, you will see that it will also spill over to your new purchases and you will take more and more pleasure in getting dressed!

NB: it is not dirty the second hand, a passage in machine and we start again from scratch! </em>


/ Don’t just run after the lowest prices

Well, this is a drift that we all fall into at some point: the low price trap.

Indeed, I haven’t read any paper on the subject, but we know that the human brain has flaws, where marketing often falls in.

You should know that when you go shopping for second hand clothes, you will trap yourself!

Yes, the more you develop your knowledge, the more comfortable you will be with second hand research, the more you will find good deals.

And that’s where you have to temper yourself. So it’s easier said than done when you have your head in the sand. Keep in mind that the danger of buying too much is there!

The right price does not necessarily justify a purchase and a high price does not mean that you should restDans

the same vein, do not make a fix on the price. Second hand and vintage clothes are not necessarily worth a few breadcrumbs. The really nice clothes at a few euros are “steals” but by no means the norm or the argus.

The good reflex is also to look if similar products are on sale and at what price (it is worth what it is worth).

Let’s take the example of this Façonnable overshirt bought for 4€:

Bought for 4€, 40€ would still be very cool as the piece is cool and much more stylish than 150$ clothes!

It’s a great deal yes, however, even at 30…

Continue reading: https://borasification.com/philosophie-du-chineur-devenir-expert-mode-seconde-main/

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