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We Talk Sape s02E04 – A new addition to your fashion podcast


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3 long months, our fashion podcast is back. This interminable absence (for us at least) is due to a life hazard as the biggest projects in this world can encounter. Well, behind this heavy humor, it’s mostly a new team and therefore a new start for We Talk Sape. Let me explain.

Qube leaves the adventure, we say hello to

RomainThis is the big news, Rems and I have a new sidekick around this fashion table. Qube preferred to pass to other thing, we wish him the best.

As all this was done a bit fast, we couldn’t do an end episode or warn you, we apologize.

Moreover, as Qube was managing the editing/mixing and the uploading of our podcasts, we found ourselves in a mess.

Fortunately, the Borasification community is full of passionate people and Romain, forum moderator, joined us.

You can now put a voice on this face (article with Romain

).Moreover, and it’s a bonus, he has a different approach of the style, we will have a more diversified podcast in the discussions too


But that, I let you discover it with his presentation.

PS: another Belgian, it’s a change for the better!

The press review of Rems (00:11:00)

We take back the good habits and Rémy concocted us a mix of what happened these last weeks.

Reflection on the subject of “non-leather” leather and alternatives such as Banatex (00:11:44)


few weeks ago, the Première Vision textile trade show took place, where the actors of the field meet. In particular, the manufacturers of all kinds of materials.

The opportunity to see presented technological developments.

We take advantage of the highlight of Banatex, and its “leather” of banana leaves to discuss this subject of “leathers” that are not really.

You will also find the opinion of designers and a discussion on vegan leather A kind of guiseDid you know

the muslin from Dhaka (00:29:10)

When we talk about textile, we associate Bangladesh more often with fast fashion and human exploitation. However, like many Asian countries, it hides ancestral know-how.

Well, Rems explains you what is the muslin of Dhaka and the means implemented to bring it back to the taste of the day.

The muslin of Dhaka, hundreds of hours Reserved for

the luxury, and you will quickly understand why


(A little hope in the textile approach too?)

Collaboration between French brand Lacoste and the game Minecraft (00:34:49)

Released since the recording, this collaboration between the casual sports brand Lacoste and the legendary video game Minecraft had us talking


And disappointment, no little crocodile in pixel on a quilted polo!

Collaboration between the video game Riders Republic and Prada (00:37:38)

Prada x Riders Republic, a colorful collaboration

Once again, in a society where the metaverse is in everyone’s mouth, reality and virtuality are merging in a now hackneyed register: the video game


This time, it’s Prada that dresses the characters of the sliding game Riders Republic.

Noah x Barbour (purely personal opinion

)Reflection around the virtual sneakers or vice versa with the new Balmain (0041:47)

science fiction movie, video game or fashion week this Balmain sneakers?

With the explosion of NFT in the sneaker world, we no longer know where reality lies. Fashion designers are also pushing the design to the borders of real life, where are we?

We discuss this and this Balmain that has inflamed social networks.

StockX gets attacked by Nike about the NFT game (00:45:55)

Still on the subject of NFT, the online exchange of the street culture hype StockX gets attacked by Nike. Rems explains you the concept of NFT attached and why the brand with the comma sees it with a bad eye.

Levi’s releases an ultra-limited edition of a 501 made in Japan (00:59:50)

the Red Tab in Japanese can make the most sensitive to geek details flinchWhile

the 501 is on all the buttocks of France and the rest of the world, Levi’s Vintage Clothing is releasing a series made in Japan limited to… 501 copies. It’s well done, isn’t it?

The opportunity to discuss all this and the interest of a Japanese Levi’s when Japanese brands are already doing it, better, for decades.

MSCHF, the artists’ collective launches its first “home-made” sneakers (01:03:58)

This collective has made the news several times in the last few years. We talked about their lawsuit with Nike (again) over an Air Max 97 customized with the rapper Lil Nas X and the blood drop scandal.

The pair still has a false air of Nike Air Force 1This

time, no unofficial customization, MSCHF launches its own pair of sneakers and it’s almost confusing from them


We can see why.

The impact of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on fashion (01:11:22)

Not very glamorous, the drama that is unfolding at this very moment has inevitably an impact on the world of fashion and textiles


Rémy comes back on the actions put in place by the brands, the opportunity to digress on the consequences on the productions, etc

The Sape question: reflection on the wearing of military clothing in times of war (01:29:30)

Always in relation with the current events, we wondered about our relationship with the clothing of military inspiration in a geopolitical context where a neighboring country is invaded by a world power


At a time when refugees will abound in our countries, when the climate is heavy, is wearing military jackets or camo a good idea? a lack of respect?

Can Nikko still wear his favorite military inspired outfits? (Camo story

) Clearly we don’t agree, or at least our sensibilities are different.

The debate is lively but fortunately peace reigns within our new trio.

Coup de coeur / coup de gueule (01:50:50)

And to close this episode, the traditional CDC / CDG.

Bonne Gueule fleece which made speak about it on the forumRomain

inaugurates the ball with the fleece of our friends of BonneGueule, I let you discover if it is a + / -.

(I would have liked to test it!)Kangaroos

Veteran – Make Love Not WarRems

, it’s a pair of Kangaroos made in Germany, a pack released in 2019 Make Lov Not War which

makes it vibrate.

Baracuta and Noah revisit the G9Finally

for me, it’s a good deal on Vinted with this Baracuta jacket in collaboration with Noah, we’ll have a chance to talk about it if the temperatures drop again.

That’s it for today, good listening and see you soon

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Not a spelling hero, yet I write articles on bits of rag I take pictures


I like to wear kimono but I don’t do kendo, my style is lost between street and workwear. I’m also a basketball and C’s lover, who worships DJ Premier.

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