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DIY – how to customize a pair of canvas


Palladium celebrates its 75th anniversary, the occasion to organize a press day where Jordan and I were invited. Taking place in an artist’s loft in the heart of Lyon, the event was a mix between an improvised museum of the French brand and a creative workshop. And that’s what we’re going to talk about since we had the opportunity to customize the emblematic model of the brand: the Pampa boots.

How to easily customize a canvas shoeYou

may be one of them, I remember that as a teenager, many were scribbling on backpacks and canvas sneakers. It was the era of Eastpak and Converse. Some even went as far as badges and other fancy stuff.

Me, I stopped at the incredible artistic achievement of branding my Air Force 1s with the initials of my grandfather who passed away too soon.

Well, with this Palladium anniversary, I had the opportunity to stimulate my creativity. It’s been 20 years since the calligraphy with the corrector and today I have ideas.

I don’t know if I am more manual, because we could count on the presence of 3 artists to accompany us on the realization.

The small corner workshop where we could personalize our PampaSo

how can we customize “easily” a pair of shoes or sneakers in canvas? Here are the 3 levers we had at our disposal:

  • paint / markers: Bur, a graffiti artist was there
  • embroidery: Mathilde, a self-employed embroiderer for 8 years, was there
  • accessories: Artlex, a local blogger specialized in DIY, brought along a lot of stuff to explain herself

You’ll see that with a little patience, these are things you can largely do yourself. I’m not a dad but this is typically the activity I would have imagined myself doing with my offspring.

(well, I have no idea how old she must be to not do anything. I remember the custom perfecto of our editor Nikko, where her 2 year old son participated)

Anyway I present you my pair and the ideas I had in mind!

Palladium x Borasification: like a fake collaboration Story MFGI


‘t know if our fellow guests were aware of it too, but I didn’t expect to have to create something that day. Far be it from me to be an artist, but doing something really cool on a historical pair is not that easy.

(although sometimes we can doubt when we see some collaborations in the sneakers game

)the Pampa Sahara, the flagship model of PalladiumThe

embroidery and accessories workshops are taken by storm so I have to fall back on the paint / felt pens from the beginning


He is a graffiti artist and the pairs in demo transpire this universe. Although I love street culture, I want something else for my Pampa, something different.

In addition, I have patterns that I love like dots or crosses.

Don’t see any proselytizing with them, they are simply present in many cultures. And I am fascinated by their shapes, meanings and everything.

And I have one in mind, which I will tell you about soon. So I asked him to reproduce it on the shoe.

In 2 shades of

green and of several sizes. Without really knowing where I was going.

I think you’ll smile when you know where this one comes from while I drool over the old Native American crosses for example I

ask her to do the outside flan on one, the inside on the other. I had in mind to do the rest with two other colors but seeing the rendering… it would be ugly.

Here I am looking at the embroidery work and the threads… Illumination!

I start with the same crosses but embroidered, it will kill everything. Only drawback, the world does not turn around Boras and there is waiting.

Reason why there are less embroidered crosses… hand embroidery takes time. The craft what.

Mathilde embroidered them in record time!

At this moment, I think my pair is finished but something is bothering me.

And then, if I don’t think about the third workshop, it’s because I find the little accessories girly


Reflex a bit stupid, I force myself to look and stimulate my imagination. There, I see pink laces.


s no secret, I love wearing pink so here we go.

the little flowers in macramé with pink laces that change the Pampa Just

when I thought I was done, I see little flowers in macramé. Plus, the colors are a few shades below the crosses and laces.


My pair of Palladium Pampa canvas shoes is customized.

The Palladium Pampa embroidered with my cross and the part of the crosses painted.

And with hindsight, this pair has a little Palladium x Story MFG side


Well, a bit of Japanese brands like Visvim or Kapital too. These designers who mix pastel colors, ethnic inspiration and hippie vibe

. Palladium Pampa Sahara by Borasification (one day in the shops who knows

)And a look around this custom Palladium PampaI


‘t going to close this article without an outfit with these shoes


Especially since I had to think about the customization so that the pair is “easy” to wear. Moreover, I was subconsciously inspired by the approach of Hiroki Nakamura, the founder of Visvim.

He is the brand that I find the most subtle when it comes to diverting through poetry, raw clothes like military or workwear

. The Pampa has put on the French legion, everything is articulated in my head!

In the end, the look I propose is very visvimian


Already because I wear jeans and a sweater of the brand. But it’s mostly the colors and the vibe

that come out of it. The older readers will recognize the spirit of this outfit “Visvim style”

Indeed, the beautiful days are coming back and my kiff

is to

wear the heritage piece with this “chill

side. Baba-cool we used to say, but it’s not so good.

Finally, let’s go back to the details of the outfit.

I started with a pair of straight cut jeans, washed and torn, not even shortened to the right length. So some people will tell me that it looks sloppy or artificial, there is some truth in it. But I have fun and enjoy wearing these clothes, the main thing is there.

I won’t be seen often with such rough denim cuffs but sometimes the style lends itself to it For

the top, it is a lay

ering spring with soft colors. The olive green is a pigment

dye, the shades are crazy, the pink is soft, on velvet it’s even cooler. velvet, sweater Jumbo Visvim, handmade fabric necklace Borali, the street heritage style in springAnd

then it echoes the colors of the pair without being the same tones


Bonus with the tee, which reminds the Sahara color of the



Black Flag that I regret to have discovered so late in the seasonTo

finish, the hat, also green, but darker. I added it because my hair is cut too short and it doesn’t hold anymore.

Cool story bro

, I know!

(but really, it responds to the darker crosses!)I

whispered the idea of a Palladium x Story MFG collaboration to a stylist on site, I’m hopeful I’ll co-sign it one daySo

ready to modify your canvas sneakers?

Although delegated to professionals, painting or embroidering things on a pair of canvas sneakers is fun to do yourself. And I have to tell you, it made me want to try it.

Of course, I’m not telling you to jump into the deep end on a new pair of Palladiums, it’s risky.

On the other hand, we all have an old pair of canvas sneakers, like Vans or Converse, that can be a good way to practice.

And if the result is cool, to give them a second life.

Let’s go, another idea of responsible consumption while having fun!


Not a spelling hero, yet I write articles on bits of rag that I take pictures


I like to wear kimono but I don’t do Kendo, my style is lost between street and workwear. I’m also a basketball and C’s lover, who worships DJ Premier.

And if you want to read more

Continue reading: https://borasification.com/diy-idees-customiser-palladium-pampa-by-boras/

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