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Selection of the best brands of beige chinos for spring


Each Top 10 is an opportunity to find a selection of pieces recommended by the Borasification community (and a little the editorial staff). This list is not exhaustive and is a series of favorites that will guide you to find the clothes and shoes that will make you vibrate.

Vast subject. Maybe a little too much to find your way around? This selection is here for that, and to make you forget Uniqlo too. The beige chino, or rather khaki, is probably the king of casual-chic pants and is never far from the white tee or the raw jean when we hear about “basics” of the men’s wardrobe. Basic, it does not really dream (usually we put pictures of Alexander Mc Queen to compensate, which I will certainly do). And yet, the simplicity of the chino, pants traditionally made of light cotton twill

with or without marked folds, opens a wide range of stylistic possibilities when you want to emancipate yourself a little from the purely utilitarian wardrobe. That’s what we’ll do here, starting with the simplest expression of the chino, for those who are looking for a well-made basic, and then look for things a little more typical (and unreasonable).

10 brands or so that offer beige chinosSome

brands exploit its similarities with jeans, treating it as a durable and simple garment to wear every day with just about anything and


Others focus more on tailoring and appeal to its military origins, adding darts, giving fullness, lengthening the forks. The beige chino comes in all cuts, from the worst (low waist, skinny

and short fork) to the best (high waist and wide, that’s for the touch of subjectivity). I propose you here a small selection of what the editorial staff prefers (and especially the forum to be honest, thanks again).

1. Workwear

inspired chinos: Dickies, Carhartt, etc.

These models are probably the first ones that come to your mind when you hear “chino”, and there’s a reason. The classic cuts available from historic American brands like Dickies or Carhartt have been adopted by the skateboard and hip-hop world and are a good gateway to a heritage style (catch-all term, basically it goes with pretty much all the men’s casual and street

wear). No 100% cotton here, it’s the comfort that’s important. We move away from the spirit of the light chino for spring by the choice of the material, often thicker on these models. But if your budget is not very high, you can start there without problems. (And for this kind of mass-produced clothes, Vinted is your friend) The “Travail flex” model from Dickies. Straight and short cut. The “Master pant” from Carhartt, for a change from the Sid. Cut a little wider and tapered

2. Norse Projects, the basic beige chino very well made in slim or tapered

cutThis brand is not talked about enough, but it is really good.

I’m fixing the injustice by putting its iconic chinos high on the list for those who don’t want to look any further for their everyday basics.

rs. It’s better made than the entry-level brands listed above, and it’s still not too expensive. You don’t need much more. I recommend the “Aros Heavy”, on the left, if you’re looking for a slim fit for a classic beige chino.

The recently released “Lukas Heavy” in the center has a little more room and is best for more casual styles. Oh, and as a bonus: the “Andersen” cut on the far right that I also find very successful in another register.

3. Universal Works chinos, the heritage dimensionWell

, you could stop there with Norse Projects if you didn’t want to type “best beige chino” in the search bar and find a quick answer to your problem (if so, you’re welcome). If not, we’ll start to slowly move away from the shores of utilitarian “minimalism” of the first models presented and take a detour to the English brand Universal Works. If I would tend not to recommend it too much in general (it tends to become a kind of fast fashion brand of street heritage

), it is always better to think in terms of “products” than labels. The range of cuts offered by the brand, from the least loose on the top left to the most loose on the bottom right.

brand offers a very wide variety of cuts and styles, and it may be a very good starting point for those who want to try fullness quietly. For the purpose of this article, I advise you to look first at the “Military chino” and “Double pleated track pants”. (to be found in second hand or on sale, ideally). As an alternative to workwear

, you can check out what the label Eat Dust is doing. Here in ripstop version. freakyhousetw.com4


The climbing pant

, the chino revisited by Gramicci

If you want to stick to a very casual and heritage

style without breaking your budget, you might as well talk about the most casual and comfort-oriented garments available.

As its name indicates, the climbing pant

by Gramicci is originally designed for climbing. Comfort at the pelvis, then tapered to the ankle.

The trademark is the integrated belt that can be tightened with one hand if needed while climbing, or after a heavy meal. The chino with a gorpcore

twist if that’s your thing. All that’s missing is the fleece, the carabiners and the chalet in the Vercors. The famous integrated belt, detail of the buckle.

5. The street / preppy chino à la japonaise: the two pleats

from Beams+Beams+

is a brand known for its aesthetics at the crossroads of influences, between street, military and preppy American style. The chino is therefore a must-have and is no exception. The Two pleats twill trousers, permanent of the brand, is a concentrate of aesthetic codes that coexist perfectly: loose and khaki like a military pant, two darts and a ticket pocket, and a very short cut that sounds street. The kind of chino that we imagine worn directly with an oversized

polo shirt, a New York cap and a pair of jeans.

Era and Sebago.

Be careful not to be too tall unless you want to buy shorts. Save it for those under 6 feet tall. It’s always less competition for the sales.

6. The Real McCoys approach: the canonical beige




well and

good, but let’s imagine that your thing is to really want McQueen’s (you never know)

. Inspiration at Real Mccoy’s. You think McQueen can’t get enough of chinos and white shirts?

In this case, do not worry, the Japanese are there and offer reproductions, more or less faithful, of chinos worn by American soldiers in the 40s and popularized by Hollywood stars. I have to mention here The Real McCoys, surely one of the most qualitative and recognized brands in the field, but it could be interesting to go and see what is done at Buzz Rickson’s for a little bit cheaper for example. The “Joe McCoy” chino will be perfect for you if you are looking for “The beige chino”, at the price of fantasy.



The taste of minimalism, the chino by Kaptain Sunshine

Before moving on to some more dressy models, I would like to stop by the proposal of a Japanese brand that I really like. Kaptain Sunshine is a Japanese heritage label that always puts the material and the cut before the rest, choosing for example for this chino a very beautiful fine Egyptian cotton with very long fibers (like the most famous Sea Island

cotton). Its designer Shinsuke Kojima modernizes every season the clothes of workers, especially from the shipyards (hence the sailor’s jacket below). The kind of style that speaks to me, my own James Dean in a way. Even in pictures, on such a simple pant, the difference with everything we saw above is obvious.

A certain conception of beauty that is fully expressed in simplicity, subtlety. And despite the opulence of materials, we avoid any precious side.

If you’re looking for an alternative closer to home, MHL (Margaret Howell’s “affordable” sub-label) also makes simple and beautiful chinos inspired by the extended workwear


8. Casatlantic, the first choice for a beige tailoring chinoIf

you were looking for a very casual chino, I hope you found it. (if not, don’t hesitate to write to us or to visit the forum). For those of you who are still here, and those who are curious, I’m going to focus for a moment on the soft tailoring

offer. The chino is not a sartorial pant, but it can be close to it without falling into formalism. You just have to go back to the roots, to the military garments that let the volumes express themselves. This is exactly what Casatlantic did with its two cuts: “Mogador” and “Tangier” which are both based on the pants of British and French officers of the 1950s. My favorite cut at Casatlantic, the “Tangier” inspired by the French army uniforms. In

my opinion, you don’t need to go further if you want a chino that can play in all categories, Casatlantic

ticks all the boxes here for a very reasonable price. However, if ethical considerations are very important to you (the brand is made in Morocco) and you have the budget to follow, then look at Drake’s or A kind of guise, sure values for cool soft-tailoring


9. Brut Clothing’s Rework


you’re into reinvented originals, then I can also suggest the Rework

line from the BRUT select store. Especially this French army chino reworked and upcycled in France. A purchase that will avoid the production of new clothes (and that’s maybe not so bad when we talk about beige chinos in 2000 words).

The Parisian team worked on the sizing and the cut of an old stock of pants that were originally all in size US36. If you’re a fan of the easy way, then you’ll be able to find your size directly here, which is not always easy with military pants (but I still recommend you to go and search if you have time). As for Casatlantic’s models, this one will be perfect for soft tailoring

with its high waist and its well controlled volume.

10. A beige “chino” with hollywood belt from MotivMFG

I end this list with something a little different, a pair of pants from the confidential Chinese label MotivMFG distributed by Flaneurs. A “hollywood” belt à la Scott Fraser, darts, Japanese cotton cavalry twill

… Can we really still talk about chino? In any case it is…

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