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3 new Borali necklaces for spring


Even if it snowed yesterday, we are in April and entitled to hope to see the heat return. Mechanically, the necks will soon reveal themselves again and more than ever, wearing a Borali necklace will be a guarantee of a successful outfit. I’m kidding of course, although it’s the perfect season to wear our jewelry. We worked on a small collection with seasonal colors.

Borali eats its dark bread but we have a date

“We wanted to make your jeans but we need to take a cut from our catalog”

That’s what we often got from factories in Portugal and elsewhere when we would arrive with our technical file on the Borali cup.

So, inevitably, we would leave, after a few attempts to negotiate. All in vain.

No problem.

There are already a thousand brands that do it like that, and more. It’s not our credo and nobody here wants to make clothes to give birth to that.

But fortunately, an experienced friend took us under his wing and helps us to push our project in his workshop. We are in the starting blocks for September.

If we would have liked to propose you our bleach in spring, we will console ourselves by remembering that anyway, a jean passed the 25 degrees, even wide as ours, it becomes quickly unpleasant. We hope you’ll be patient.

And who knows, maybe we’ll also have some good news about the Japanese one wash, because we didn’t give up on our denim maker


Intercollar for cool mornings and sweet eveningsSo

for the Intercollar, our neck guard, it’s a mix of frustration and kiff.

Frustrated because the prototypes we received a month ago were not good so production could not be launched. On the other hand, it was a minor fix, the buttons were misplaced and not the right ones. Nothing serious and yet, it blew the deadline.

Our French workshop put us at the end of the line, which is logical considering what it represents.

So when you see the cold and how useful these prototypes are to me every day, I’m annoyed!

8 degrees, little wind, I was fineNever the less

, they are superb and correspond to what we wanted. Even if they come out a little late in the season, we hope you’ll be there. Again.

Because yes, we need to get things out, show you our work, morally and financially.

And then, if we get last year’s spring, they will be more than useful to you on a daily basis.

Some pictures of the drop of necklaces with spring colorsFor

this first drop of spring, we wanted to find tones that refer to the sweetness of the season, keeping the colors we love


In fact, these are 3 colors that will satisfy both a heritage style and casual

and the colors of choice that we share with you on Borasification. shades in Provence

While we have probably never talked as much about purple as in recent weeks, we had to have one in these tones. We managed to find it on a vintage work tunic, a French one.

We find touches of yellow and red.

For the

first one

, it’s a

mix of orange, off-white and a kind of past red/pink. He, on a white tee shirt and a military jacket or a denim shirt, it’s banco!

If you’re the kind of person who wears caps, these are colors that we find this season quite a lot in the brands, so it’s up to you to play with colors.

A mix of very current colors

Finally, a more technical color that I think will please because it breathes spring. With its mix of orange, yellow, green and white, in soft tones, it gives off something.

Likewise, it will color your top and you will be able to play with nice color associations on other details of your outfit. For

the release date, it’s today at 11am, I’ll put you the link of the shop here


Borali doesn’t communicate anymore but it’s going to changeMaybe

you’ve been following us since the beginning and if so, double thanks. Indeed, after 2 years of Covid, we decided to be discreet.

We worked on our jewelry because it’s our DNA and we’re proud of what we do, so there’s no question of stopping.

(and I think that Julien creates the most beautiful in the world #marketingdusuperlatif)

We preferred to stop talking, share our ideas and limit the effects of announcement.

But Borali has to become the brand we imagined, so we have strengthened ourselves and Nicolas, who you may have already read about on the media, will also help us develop the brand.

To sum up, we’re going to share more with you soon, on our newsletter but also on our website, which we’re going to revive differently. And of course via Instagram, which we were neglecting at a time when it was the main way to keep in touch.

See you soon and don’t forget to check out our necklace release!

Not a spelling hero, yet I write articles about bits of rag I take pictures of. I like to wear kimono but I don’t do Kendo, my style is lost between street and workwear. I’m also a basketball and C’s lover, who worships DJ Premier.

And if you want to read more

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