RDM #1: From Ryo Takashima to Toast’s vision of casual wear


Every Monday the editors offer you in the fashion magazine format a digest of inspirations to start the week well: brands, artists, craftsmen, news or events… In short, people and things we love and that we share here because we think they deserve to be discovered.

So much for teasing!

The Japanese designer Ryo Takashima (and his eponymous brand)

We start this first appointment of the week with the work of the designer Ryo Takashima. Although it deserves a little more than these few lines (and maybe it will come?), here is a quick presentation.

A summary of what the stylist can do on a daily basis.

Already, his styling and curation work is impeccable. A bit in the same vein as Yuthanan, the Frenchman who runs Sillage, but with a techwear

and sometimes avant-garde side. Each publication is a marvel of staging the pieces assembled.

I advise you to go there if you want more, full of beautiful things that we never see in France. But Ryo Takashima is also a brand, and honestly it is very heavy (and it’s not me who says it, everything is sold out). With oversized

volumes and a desire to offer a unisex wardrobe, the label is the image of the stylistic work of its founder and offers something really different. I let you discover by yourself, it’s worth a look. “Melton double breasted coat”, AW21 instagram.com/ryotakashima_official

The upcycling of heritage

pieces by remake_by_yiRemake

by Yi, it’s a Taiwanese micro-brand specialized in remake

, that is to say in the creation of clothing from already existing pieces. The pieces, all unique, are available for sale in some Japanese high end shops.instagram.com/remake/_by/_yiMr.

Yi, the founder, usually starts with military clothing bases, like old M-65 parkas liners. And in the genre ofupcycling, Remake_by_yi is very high level. You just have to scroll through the images of this liner jacket, recreated in collaboration with the American military brand Alpha Industries, and admire the result to realize it. A real patchwork

of influences.

The unique shirts of Dashiel Brahmanndashiel-brahmann


stay in the theme of the unique and the exceptional, I propose you to discover the creations of Dashiel Brahmann, former student of the house Thom Browne. I stumbled upon his shirts during a detour on Instagram. Immediately, I understood that it was something special. I’ll let you judge for yourself, but these few examples show a remarkable work on patterns, embroidery, lace.

Masterpiece of patterns. Perfect alignment. “rayon floral velvet lover shirt”, in size M. For those who are not afraid to eat pasta until the end of the month.

To make her creations, Dashiel uses everything that inspires her and especially vintage materials: old silks, cotton veils, but also quilt tops, tablecloths

in lace from the 60’s… As a craft, the pieces are very expensive and in very limited quantities. To better understand all the work behind, especially to realize correctly the pattern-matching

, you can see here a video of the artist at work. “tablecloth lover shirt“. That’s one reason to keep grandma’s macramé.

I don’t recommend subscribing to her instagram, you might want the artworks that are featured quite regularly, just hanging from a hanger on the wall.

ToastOn’s take on the casual


stops for a few lines on a more accessible brand that should speak to a few more people, Toast. Distributed in the United Kingdom, its universe is casual in the broadest sense of the word and the inspirations as well workwear and heritage as soft tailoring

. A little something in the De Bonne facture in the construction of the brand image. Olive trench coat in cotton-wool. Military inspirations and minimalist approach. toa.st Sleeveless sweater with fair isle pattern. Here we dive into a retro aesthetic.

Toast is what we could call an “art of living” brand. It’s a men’s line, a women’s line, and also a magazine, homeware

, decoration and handcrafted objects like ceramics. “Square collar poplin dress

The clothes are part of a “whole”, fit perfectly in the decor, in the artistic direction thought by the brand. Take a look at their instagram account if this kind of universe speaks to you, where everything seems to be in harmony and the clothes are a bit forgotten.

Aïdama, the new brand launched by a forum memberWe

end the discoveries of the week with a very small brand that is launching itself, Aïdama. Its name suggests it immediately, and the photo shoot published on the instagram account confirms it: the concept of the brand is greatly inspired by what is done in Japan.

We talked about it above, but we obviously think very quickly of a brand such as Sillage: same vision of clothing based on unisex and freesize

, and beautiful volumes that complement the approach. It’s always very cool to see small brands appear and offer something different, without doing the classic pattern.

With Aïdama, I want to propose my vision of a more inclusive and responsible fashion by pushing the concept of “one size fits all” a little further. The DNA of the brand is translated by unisex, volume and modular pieces, all designed and made locally.

Jojo_Mlo, real name Joaquim, forum member and founder of the brand. The same outfit worn by two very different sizes. instagram.com/aidama_concept

Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto or Hed Mayner, these are some of the influences cited by Joachim to describe his project, where the street universe (volumes, casual wardrobe) meets tailoring (choice of fabrics, some details, a gurkha belt…). And this becomes a reality with the presentation of the first pieces of Aïdama: an oversized slit shirt, balloon pants or in

core a chalk stripe wide

set. We are far from the brand that launches with a white tee shirt.

If you want to keep an eye on the project, Joachim told me that the first spring-summer 2022 collection is scheduled for late April / early May.

That’s all for today…

That concludes this week’s round of inspiration. If you like the format and it made you want to know more, then I’ll see you next Monday!

Fatigue for the intimates.

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