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Each Top 10 is an opportunity to find a selection of pieces recommended by the Borasification community (and a little the editorial staff). This list is not exhaustive and is a series of favorites that will guide you to find the clothes and shoes that will make you vibrate.

After last week’s selection on the beige chino (and before the one on the white tee shirt which is coming soon, exciting isn’t it?), this spring is the time to start again on good clothing bases. Today, it’s another big topic ahead of us as we’re going to talk about some of the best brands that make denim shirts. Here you’ll find both lightweight shirts to wear as a first layer, but also “overshirts” that will



for the season.

(Oh, and I won’t say “denim shirt” in the article anymore. It’s an abuse of language that everyone admits, but we do talk about denim to designate the material)

Western shirt RRL, and all the rest of the panoply. The framework is set.

Condensed American mythology, the denim shirt has become an everyday basic. Although the shape of the shirt has often moved away from its fantasized origins, it has not lost its symbolic charge, nor its workwear connotations. Born in the 1920s, it is the direct successor of blue jeans and shares many common points with it: 100% cotton canvas, indigo dye, patches and pockets with rivets that reinforce its structure. Levi’s iconic western shirt, named sawtooth

in reference to its sawtooth chest pockets, was born thirty years later in 1954. So much for the basics! (You can go read this very good paper, if you want to know more).

10 brands (and more) that offer quality denim shirtsWith

this selection, I’m not going to start with purist denim shirts that take all the codes of this or that Wrangler model from the last century. Instead, we’ll start with the simplest and most accessible, without getting lost in the limbo of fast fashion

(And no, still no Uniqlo in this top 10). For the more specialized stuff, it’s at the end of the selection!

1. The “best value” casual

denim shirt: Hast and Portuguese Flannel

I wrote this title reluctantly. I don’t like the concept of value for money when it comes to clothing, but it still speaks for most people. It’s very natural for us to look for the “best deal” in all areas of life. And let’s face it, some products clearly offer more than others for a given price.

“Classic shirt”. “Lightweight overshirt”. Frankly not bad, better proportioned than many alternatives.

If your goal in opening this article was to find “the best value for money”, then you can look at Hast, unbeatable in this category (less than 90 euros for the two models above) and sufficient for a contemporary passe-partout style. To a lesser extent, Portuguese Flannel is also a brand known for making nice, clean, and stylish products.

ôt good products at a competitive price (and it is caught at 50% in sales).

“Denim shirt” bleach.



, quite reasonable thickness, respectable collar size… it’s a good choice!

2. The classic button-down

denim shirt from A Kind of Guise

Let’s stay in the basic and essential with the permanent offer of the German brand A Kind of Gu


This line is far from being the most exciting at the label, but it will do the job if you’re looking for a basic. Something simple and well made that will go with everything.

“Permanents Button-down
akindofguise. com In “bleached blue” wash

This price range allows for better finishes, mother of pearl buttons, more subtle washes. In France and at the same price, APC also offers a wide selection of casual

denim shirts. You can also look at the denim version of the famous Anton shirt from norseprojects.

3. The plural offer of denim shirts at Drapeau Noir

Before moving on to the different sub-categories, I thought it was a good idea to offer you a brand that does everything

at once.

Drapeau Noir is kind of the best of the denim shirts. It’s really cool if you want to try it without paying too much.

Very classic in Japanese material, but also faded western shirt

and even work shirt. “Military shirt

still advise you to test the clothes before if you ever go out of the brand’s standards (don’t be too tall, especially). If you are the same size as the model, then you can’t go wrong here. Many other brands offer this kind of shirts in their range, you will find for example alternatives at BonneGueule or October Editions.

4. Levi’s Vintage Clothing or RRL, the iconic western

denim shirt.

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. Of course, I’m not saying that the proposals above are not interesting. They’ll be perfect if you see the denim shirt as a more casual version of a poplin or oxford shirt within a casual-chic outfit. But you will also find more radical and stylistically distinct proposals from other more specialized brands. We start with the so-called western

shirt, the least discreet of all. “1955 Sawtooth Denim Shirt”. The icon reproduced by Levi’s today.

will not speak in this selection of the basic offer at Levi’s. If the prices are not very high, it is still not worth the brands we saw above. On the other hand, their line for “purists”, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, offers western

shirts in the straight line of what could be done in the 50s. Reproductions from the company’s archives.

At RRL, it’s a little different.

Detail of the famous “sawtooth” chest pockets. Snaps. “Western shirt with patched waist”. Understated style doesn’t rhyme with RRL.

The brand updates and reinvents

nte all this American imaginary associated with denim (there is even a real ranch that is part of the brand image …). It chooses to modernize the cut of its western

shirts while keeping its differentiating elements, combining tradition and modernity. RRL is above all a real aesthetic proposition. It’s very expensive (and often made in China, let’s forget about the American dream), but it has the merit of offering something that you can’t necessarily find elsewhere. Embroidered RRL Western shirt. It’s still pretty cool.

5. Japanese reinterpretations: Bryceland’s and TCBe

clear, Levi’s and Ralph Lauren are not brands that give you much for your money (or much of a dream, maybe). They are labels that rely heavily on their stories and iconic products. They can afford to sell very expensive clothes that are just at the quality standards of before.

“Dude ranch shirt,” 8.5 oz. denim.

some fashion players, particularly Japanese ones like TCB or Bryceland’s, have jumped on this American denim culture and now offer copies that are often better than the original versions. These selvedge

fabrics, pre-washed or not for those who swear by it, are just waiting to be worn and abused. “Sawtooth westerner denim shirt”, directly inspired by the iconic 1954 Levi’s model. Comparison between a one wash version (left) and a raw version (right).

You can go with your eyes closed if the very geeky approach speaks to you (for example TCB makes sure to reproduce perfectly the indigo colors according to the different models and periods…). If you’re more into the Italian interpretation, less raw, then look at Barbanera for western shirts that are easier to integrate into a soft-tailoring


5. Studio D’Artisan, Warehouse…Denim shirts from the Osaka Big Five.

We continue in a very purist Japanese approach (basically, we even reproduce the flaws) with the legendary denim-makers

of Osaka, nicknamed the “Big Five”. “Selvedge denim western shirt”, 14 oz from Studio D’Artisan. Threads hanging from both sides? Authentic.

, Evisu, Studio D’Artisan, Fullcount, these names may not ring

a bell.

Yet they are largely responsible for the revival of

the American denim spirit in Japan and around the world. (And even in the United States where historical manufacturers such as Cone Mills have gone bankrupt). “Longhorn denim shirt” from Warehouse. A purist in his natural habitat.

So these brands are a great choice if you’re looking for raw “purist” denim jeans or the really nice denim shirt. As an alternative (if really, at this point, that wouldn’t be enough), Big John and Iron Heart are great values.

6. The classic “Work shirt” from Engineered Garments

We leave the fantasy of cowboys / professional actors to join others. If we stay here in one

iverse workwear extended, we will also make some excursions to the side of military influences. These models of denim shirts will nevertheless be more versatile than the western shirt

and can make you forget for a moment the rodeos and the Hollywood sets. “Denim work shirt”. norsestore.comThe

“Work Shirt” model is a permanent one from Engineered Garments, renewed year after year in different materials and patterns. A classic in the genre! Not better for a workwear

aesthetic (well yes, it obviously exists in flannel). Characteristic detail of the asymmetrical pockets. Contrasting stitching that fits perfectly with the workwear look.

For a less “fashionable” alternative, you can go to Momotaro. Or all the other brands mentioned above, they also reproduce the work shirt in their ranges.

7. The military shirt reinvented by Arashi DenimArashi

is a brand you probably know very well if you follow the blog, I won’t tell you the whole story again. In short, the label offers reinterpretations of iconic military clothing. And in particular a whole series of reworkedUS-Army

shirts, which is what interests us today. CISO Denim” shirt, one wash and 10.5 oz.

The famous CISO and P43 shirts, here declined in denim, take on the role of overshirt. In particular the P43 and its two long…

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